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Would you like to help reshape lives of women and girls around the world? You have a unique opportunity to do so by becoming a Bra Recycling Ambassador.

Bra Recycling Ambassadors have the opportunity to:

1. Directly impact the lives of women in your area by providing them with a simple lingerie staple that is taken for granted, but mean so much for a woman in transition.

2. Host community events in your area to raise awareness about textile recycling and amount of re-usable textile that unnecessarily go to our landfills but could be used product other products and most importantly to assist families in need.

3. If you are a business or organization, this is a great marketing opportunity to ‘be-green’ while also impacting the lives of families in your community.

4. Provide you with the opportunity to make an impact on our environment while also reshaping the lives of women and girls in communities all over the world.

** Please note that you do not have to become a Bra Recycling Ambassador to participate in bra recycling efforts. The Bra Recyclers needs your assistance in getting the word out about bra recycling to your family and friends. Your efforts will help us support organizations around the world and reduce the amount of re-usable textiles that go to landfills unnecessarily.

To become a Bra Recycling Ambassador following the steps below:

1. Read and agree upon the Guidelines to become a Bra Recycling Ambassador and/or Drop Off Location.
2. Complete the Bra Recycling Ambassador application and submit it.
3. After receiving approval from The Bra Recyclers, print out the Getting Started Checklist and you are ready to start to re-shape the lives of women and girls in your community.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email .

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