Drop Off Locations

We are excited to partner with companies around the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico who have joined our BRAVOLUTION and become drop off locations for gently used or unused bras.

When you drop off your recycled items to a drop off location, please note that in order to receive a tax deduction receipt from us, we need to actually receive the recycled bras. So please follow one of the steps that applies to you:

  1. Drop Off Location Sends Bras to The Bra Recyclers. Make sure to inquire if the drop off location will be sending the bras directly to The Bra Recyclers. Print out the Bra_Recycling_Form.pdf and include it with your recycled items. Make sure to check that you would like to receive a tax deduction receipt for the items that will benefit the H.E.M.P Legacy Foundation. We have to receive the bras at our location in order to provide the tax deduction receipt. Receipts will not be mailed.

  2. Drop Off Location DOES NOT Send Bras to The Bra Recyclers. If this is the case, then they donating the bras to a local charity. We would still recommend that you fill out the online Bra Recycling form. You can also print off a copy of the Bra_Recycling_Form.pdf that you can provide to your tax accountant. Since we are not a 501(c)3 you will need to discuss what if your items are tax deductible.

Please note that you can always mail your recycled items directly to The Bra Recyclers, the mailing address is:

The Bra Recyclers
3317 S. HIgley Rd, Ste 114-441
Gilbert, AZ 85297  

After submitting the Bra Recycling Form online, you will receive via email a non-postage paid return address-mailing label to attach to your package. The label includes a personal inventory tracking code that we will scan upon receipt of the package.

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The Bra Recyclers and Soma Stores around the United States have partnered to make it easy to drop off your gently used bras. Please visit the Soma Store locator and find a store location near you.

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